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In Brandeis' Words

Walking into the data space can be intimidating. There are many online resources and no useful guide. It's a labyrinth of disconnected tools, technologies and skills. And as a Black woman, I want to see more Black women be actively contributing to this very impactful space. 

Why You Should Join Me

The 2020 Harnham US Data and Analytics Report found that only 3% of Data and Analytics professionals identified as Black, and even fewer in leadership positions. And a Forbes 2017 data science diversity gap study reported that ~36% of General Assembly data science students were women. If that’s true across racial demographics, then Black women account for about 1%. 

We’re BEYOND that 1%. We’re handling data as business owners, engineers, scientists, specialists, managers, analysts or data practitioners. We’re BEYOND the mainstream interpretations of data science. And we’re not alone in our journey in all things data. We’re reaching BEYOND our silos to engage and thrive in community.

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